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Get To Know Your Therapist


Girl in Therapy

Self-base Therapy


The psychology of addiction is a complex pattern of behaviors that lead people to compulsive repetition of a certain behavior even though they know it’s harmful.
Addiction involves both physical and psychological aspects. Physical addiction may be easy to understand.
I help understand and overcome the confusion , despair and isolation that comes with psychological addiction.

Thinking Man on Couch

Self-base Therapy


Tiredness and loss of energy Sadness that doesn’t go away Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem Difficulty concentrating.
I help regain your feelings of worth and regain the ability to enjoy what you do.

Head in Hands

Self-base  Therapy


feelings of tension, worried thoughts, a racing mind and intense physical feelings.
I  help discover and deal with the anxiety at source before it envelopes the mind.

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