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How can Self-base Therapy help you

  • Trained for two years in an Acute Addiction Rehabilitation Centre

  • 7 years’ experience facilitating the effective recovery of clients with many dependencies

Doug has...

Overcoming addiction starts with admitting that the problem exists.


This can be a difficult step, but it is the most important step on the road to recovery. It is not easy to get to this point, but if you have a sincere desire to change your life and get sober, you will need to start thinking about addiction therapy.



Meet Doug

Hello and welcome!


My names Douglas Edwards and I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) who specialises in working with people from all walks of life.

I am a relatable therapist who will enable you to feel understood and heard. The approach to my practice is integrative, which means I draw from various therapeutic models to meet your individual needs. I head a London boroughs family therapy service, which has allowed me deep compassion and empathy for each member within a family unit and their struggles.

Together we can work through what is happening for you now and how it can be different moving forward, giving understanding and insight, freeing you up to make healthier relational decisions. I take care in helping my clients reach a place of emotional balance and empowerment, becoming confident and contented versions of themselves.

Douglas Edwards


Girl in Therapy

Self-base Therapy

The psychology of addiction is a complex pattern of behaviours that lead people to compulsive repetition of a certain behaviour even though they know it’s harmful.
Addiction involves both physical and psychological aspects. Physical addiction may be easy to understand.
I help understand and overcome the confusion , despair and isolation that comes with psychological addiction.


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Self-base Therapy


Tiredness and loss of energy Sadness that doesn’t go away Loss of self-confidence and self-esteem Difficulty concentrating. I help regain your feelings of worth and regain the ability to enjoy what you do.

Head in Hands

Self-base Therapy

Feelings of tension, worried thoughts, a racing mind and intense physical feelings. I  help discover and deal with the anxiety at source before it envelopes the mind.



What ever your going through,
we have You In Mind...

While your experiences are unique to you, there are common themes we all experience that can contribute to our feelings of distress. Most of us face times of change; starting new jobs, growing a family, dealing with difficult events in our lives, or simply meeting the demands of leading such hectic schedules. Using tools such as talking therapy and mindfulness I can help you manage those overwhelming feelings and work towards a healthier state of wellbeing

client testimonials

“I came across Dougie when I was going through a rough patch and needed someone to help and listen. Dougie was phenomenal from the first meeting, always attentive, never judgmental and helped me with coping strategies to get me through such a difficult time.”

Rachel W

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